Why Use Hotel Site Select Service

  • You benefit from our expertise and buying power, at no cost to you.
  • You manage the process with Hotel Site Select as an extension of your team.
  • By freeing up your team to concentrate on content, strategy, logistics and overall marketing for the event, Hotel Site Select makes your in-house conference department more efficient.
  • You take advantage of Hotel Site Select’s knowledge and industry relationships.  We have current information on new hotels, renovations and changes in flag or management, and we do business with all hotel chains and independents.

Benefits of partnering with Hotel Site Select

By partnering with Hotel Site Select, you benefit from:

  • one point of contact on all of your meetings;
  • the best possible negotiated group rates and concessions;
  • unique negotiation clauses and hotel service guarantees;
  • mitigated risk and reduced liability exposure on your contracts;
  • less of your valuable time researching and sourcing hotels;
  • the freedom for you and your internal teams to focus on the content and strategy of your meetings;
  • increased organizational efficiency through the outsourcing of this function at no cost to you;
  • a report comparing hotel rates, concessions and cost savings analysis;
  • Hotel Site Select’s database of more than 100,000 hotels; and,
  • Hotel Site Select’s first-hand knowledge of more than 3,000 hotel properties.

Why Choose Us

We understand meetings are an investment in building and nurturing relationships.

We are committed to developing a deep understanding of your program so we can recommend the property that best aligns with your overall objectives and creative strategy with respect to:

  •  Price
  • Quality
  • Consistency and Customer Service
  • Quick Turn-Around on Proposals
  • Complimentary Service
  • One Point of Contact with Hotel Site Select

How Do We Save You Money

Hotel Site Select negotiates each contract individually and takes advantage of its buying power based on total revenue spend. We not only save you money, we save you valuable time researching hotels that meet your criteria. Time=Money!

How Do We Save You Time

We know that selecting the appropriate property for your program can eat up valuable time. By using our services at no cost to you, we let you work on other aspects of the meeting and, in the process, demonstrate your strategic value to your company.

How Much Does It Cost

Hotel Site Select receives a commission from the hotel for each piece of business it contracts.  The cost to you is zero.